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Solution For Payers

For Payers, effectively collaborating with Providers and keeping their Provider data up-to-date is a daunting task due to inherent nature of Provider Demographic changes and disparity in the Networks. Failure to meet these challenges is causing high penalties by regulatory bodies, poor Providers, and member satisfaction levels. It can result in members electing to choose switching to other carriers.

As per CMS study, almost half of the Provider records have at least one form of inconsistency
Healthcare facilities spend a staggering 2.3 Billion dollars every year just to maintain Provider data
Of all Provider directories change every year


Deprived Data Management

Absence of institutionalized strategies to deal with Providers’ information.

Unorganized Workflow

Inability to oversee smooth workflow for seamless Provider network management.

Inaccurate provider data

Manual data management influencing the quality of information and generating constant data inconsistencies.

CONTRACTS Variations

Differing contracts between healthcare services, professionals, etc., that further complicate data management.

Regulatory Compliance

Failure to keep up with the required administrative guidelines and avoid penalties.

Member dissatisfaction

Network Inadequacy leads to reduced member satisfaction

The Solution

Payers can leverage I-Network, a comprehensive and nimble Provider network management solution, to resolves these issues.

Key Benefits

  • Attracts more Providers and support Provider recruitment campaigns
    • Improves member satisfaction and relations with Providers
    • Enhances data sharing and uniformly populates relevant information throughout the network
    • Cuts down the processing cost of Provider applications
    • Significantly improves the quality of the Provider data
    • Streamlines & optimizes network management activities
    • Expedites credentialing and strengthens verification capabilities

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