Brochure Whitepaper

Product Overview

I-Network empowers Payors and Health Plans to manage their Provider Networks with Agility, Efficiency and Compliance. It’s an entirely web-based Provider Management application, which can be used as a SaaS solution or on-premise Deployment to build your Provider Data as an Enterprise Asset. It allows your internal and external stakeholders to work together seamlessly to speed up Network growth and Management.

Operational Outcomes of Agile Provider Network Management Solution

  • Easier to build network & reduced time-to-market
  • Improved network monitoring with real-time analytics
  • Reduced network drop-out rate and re-credentialing cost
  • Reduced directory inaccuracy complaints
  • Reduced out of network costs & interactions
  • Improved network accuracy to minimize claim denials

I-Network Features


Fast, comprehensive and intuitive Provider setup with built in intelligence to avoid duplicate Provider records

  • Allows the user to quickly set up different types of individual and non-individual Providers as per CMS standards in no time

    • Individual
      • Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers
      • Chiropractic Providers
      • Dental Providers
      • Dietary & Nutritional Service Providers
      • Emergency Medical Service Providers
      • Eye and Vision Services Providers
      • Nursing Service Providers
      • Other Service Providers
      • Pharmacy Service Providers
      • Group
      • Allopathic & Osteopathic Physicians
      • Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Service Providers
      • Respiratory, Developmental, Rehabilitative and Restorative Service Providers
      • Speech, Language and Hearing Service Providers
      • Technologists, Technicians & Other Technical Service Providers
      • Physician Assistants & Advanced Practice Nursing Providers
      • Nursing Service-Related Providers
      • Student, Health Care
    • Non-Individual
      • Agencies
      • Ambulatory Health Care Facilities
      • Hospital Units
      • Hospitals
      • Laboratories
      • Managed Care Organizations
      • Nursing & Custodial Care Facilities
      • Residential Treatment Facilities
      • Suppliers
      • Transportation Services
      • Respite Care Facility
      • Group


  • Intelligent Provider matching algorithm with strong 3-layered comparison to prevent duplication and encourage standardization of Provider data

    Algorithm with Robust 3-layered Comparison

    • Layer 1 - Following are the parameters used for Provider matching in this layer
      • Provider Name (First Name, Last Name and name swap)
      • NPI
      • Provider Alias Name (First Name, Last Name and name swap)
    • Layer 2 – Provider matching algorithm jumps further down to Layer 2 when an exact match is not established using Layer 1 parameters and additional information is available for the Provider
      • SSN
      • Date of Birth
      • Gender
    • Layer 3 – Provider matching algorithm jumps to Layer 3 when an exact match was not established using Layer 1 and 2 parameters and following information is available for comparison
      • Specialty
      • Title
      • State License
    • Using this robust 3-layered Provider matching, I-Network decides if the incoming Provider record is Unique, already existing in I-Network or has a suspect (potential match) against an existing record and invokes appropriate user approval workflow

      • No Match – in this case, the new Provider will be added with available data.
      • Exact Match –in this case, an existing Provider will be updated with the data being received.
      • Probable Match – In this case, the incoming Provider record will be put in a probable match queue on I-Network User Interface, requesting manual intervention for resolution. Users can then review the same and decide to add a new Provider, update an existing one, or ignore the incoming record.


Ability to store all Provider data attributes and documents at one place and fetch Providers from external sources to expedite Provider onboarding/enrollment

  • View and manage entire Provider profile data with logical sections:

    • Individual Provider
      • Demographics
      • Practices and Locations
      • Specialty and Board
      • Licensure – state license, DEA, CDS etc.
      • Professional Liability
      • Malpractice Claims
      • Employment History
      • Hospital Privileges
      • Education and Training
      • Academic Appointments and Professional Associations
      • Certifications
      • Covering Provider Information
      • CME Credits
      • Peer References
      • Other IDs – such as legacy provider ids, Medicare id, Medicaid id, UPIN etc.
      • Languages
      • Alias Information
      • Health and Vaccination Information
      • Group NPI
      • Sanctions
    • Non-Individual Provider


Easily Onboard providers from external systems such as NPPES and CAQH to expedite provider onboarding/enrollment

Ready-to-use integration to obtain Provider data by leveraging Third Party services such as NPPES and CAQH with the Fetch Provider module

  • Utilizes data-sharing API to fetch Provider data from NPPES and CAQH

  • Seamless workflow to enable Provider Sign Up process to kick start enrollment and obtain information from CAQH

  • Automates Provider data entry through obtained data

  • Automated process to request CAQH to add Provider in the CAQH Roster

  • Apply business rules to ensure the acquisition of cleaner and consistent data


Enable data cleansing and address standardization through intelligent algorithms.

Ready to Use integration to leverage third-party services for address cleaning and standardization

  • Calling APIs to consume data from external interfaces for data nurturing, cleansing, and standardization

  • Real-time address address validation with third parties to standardize Provider addresses


Collect cleaner Provider data efficiently, expedite onboarding process, and track Providers' application/participation status in real-time

  • Expedited Provider Recruitment with multi-point initiation and process transparency
  • Reduced Application Processing Time, Improved Provider Satisfaction, and Increased Operational Excellence
  • Automatically generate pre-populated state-specific application forms
  • Provide real-time credentialing application status updates
  • Move Providers into different sub-stages to complete the overall recruitment/onboarding workflow
    • Open
    • Contacted
    • Qualified
    • Unqualified
    • Inactive
    • Rejected
    • Not Interested
    • Member Nomination
    • Verbal Commitment
    • Looking Over Paperwork
    • Missing Paperwork
    • Contract Received
  • Notify key stakeholders at every step of the process


Easy tracking of Provider credentials with automated file reviews and Provider outreach for missing information/documents for profile completeness

  • Move Provider into different sub-stages (configurable) to complete the overall data entry
    and review workflow
    • Data Collection
    • Manual Review
    • Additional Information Requested
    • Information Not Received
    • Data Entry Completed
  • Notify key stakeholders at every step of the process


Easier Review capability on Provider file to identify missing information / documents and validating file for credential readiness

  • Helps Provider specialist to systematically review all the Provider information and documents to identify missing information/documents
  • Helps Provider specialist to track number of attempts along with all the comments/notes entered by the user with date/time stamped
  • E-mail notifications for missing information or incorrect documents


Improves the entire Credentialing and Re-Credentialing process

  • Run credentialing verification either in-house or through external CVO through a unified and seamless process
  • Seamless integration to primary credentialing sources to get required Provider data for verification purpose
  • Automatically redirects credentialing specialists to different primary source verification websites
  • "Virtual Committee" capability to allow committee members to securely access Provider files
  • Automates generation of approval and denial letters/emails to Providers
  • Enable Providers to appeal against any credentialing decision improving Provider satisfaction
  • Achieve actionable real-time insight and transparency into Credentialing Pipelines
  • Intuitive widgets to show critical Credentialing timelines
    • Provider creation date
    • Provider submission date for data entry
    • Date when an application was signed
    • Date when the final completed application was received from the Provider
    • Date Provider was sent to committee.
    • Committee approval/decline dates credentialing start date, end date, etc.) related to Provider credentialing process.
  • Move Provider into different sub-stages to complete the overall verification workflow
    • In-house Credentialing Verification
    • Additional Follow up Needed
    • No Response
    • Ready for CVO
    • Sent to CVO
    • Received from CVO - Complete and Clean
    • Received from CVO - Complete and Non-Clean
    • Received from CVO – Incomplete
    • Credentialing Verification Completed
  • Automated building of Re-cred Provider list to initiate the re-credentialing process
  • Notify key stakeholders at every step of the process


Easy and comprehensive contract creation and management for Payers

  • Manage/Support entire contract lifecycle and create a standard contract template based on State, Specialty, and Network
  • Easy contract management with user-intuitive review and e-signature feature for Providers
  • Assign Providers and TIN to existing contract and fee schedule


Enhanced self-sign-up capability to allow Providers to enroll themselves online

  • Complete Credentialing Profile and mandatory documents to start the onboarding process
  • Electronically sign the application and jump-start the Credentialing and Contracting process


Practice admins can electronically sign up with Practice and user details to gain self-service access for managing their practice and associated Providers’ information


Self-service capability to manage all Provider information data elements to increase Provider satisfaction

  • Submit maintenance requests to add a new location, license, or specialty with the ability for Payer staff to accept/reject such requests
  • View network assignments and fee schedules along with effective and term dates
  • Add and verify main and supporting information to digitally track expirables
    • state license
    • DEA
    • CDS and more
  • Providers can view different signature requests and eSign or Wet Sign credentialing applications


Self-service capability for practice staff admins to manage Practice (solo or multiple Tax IDs) and associated Providers’ information to increase overall user satisfaction

  • Manage numerous Tax IDs and related Providers
  • Submit maintenance requests to add a new location, license, or specialty
  • Track expiring credentials for different Providers
  • Manage Practice addresses and contacts for address types
    • Office Location
    • Billing Location
    • Mailing Location
    • Tax Address
  • Manage critical information related to the Practice
    • Other IDs
    • Site Services
    • DBA names
    • Type 2 NPIs
    • Account Details
    • Previous Owner Details
  • View network assignments and fee schedules along with effective and term dates for different associated Providers
  • View all the attached fee schedules that apply to the respective Tax ID


Intuitive Approval Workflow for requests generated

  • Authorized users can approve or decline the changes requested by external users such as Provider (or their Payer staff) and internal users such as new trainees, recruits, etc.


Import and extract directory feeds and improve data transmission.

  • Automates and simplifies processing and maintenance of roster files
  • Create and apply different data priming and operational business rules to effectively massage/nurture the incoming data (as per business needs)
  • Produces comprehensive Process and ETL logs showing records count (total records, success, and failed) and reports actual rejected records along with applicable reasons for rejection
  • Automatically run the file imports on a pre-defined schedule as set by the user
  • Define and leverage crosswalks to maintain a unified master reference for specialties, languages, etc.
  • Bulk extract Provider data into multiple formats (such as CSV, fixed-width, etc. as needed by the downstream systems
  • Create and apply different data priming and operational business rules to effectively massage/nurture the outgoing data (as per business needs)
  • Automatically run the file imports on a pre-defined schedule as set by the user
  • Define and leverage crosswalks to produce specific master reference as desired by different downstream systems
  • Extract different kinds of file types - Full, Add, Change, and Term
  • Apply different file level filters to effectively massage/nurture the outgoing data (as per business needs)
  • Identify different types of exclusion
    • CMS Medicare
    • State Medicaid
    • Payor-specific and more

and apply specific rules to either send or exclude them as required by different downstream systems.


Callout external APIs to fetch and consume data within I-Network
  • Call external APIs to fetch data and consume within I-Network
    • eSign Genie – for getting provider’s electronic signature
    • NPDB – for getting provider’s malpractice information
    • NPPES – for getting provider’s NPI validated and related information
    • Pitney Bowes – for getting provider’s address validated and scrubbed
    • CAQH – for getting provider’s credentialing information
APIs to allow External systems to push data consumption requests into I-Network
    • Add/Update Provider
      • This API can be used by any external entity (authenticated with Santech) to post an “Add Provider” request into I-Network by sending pre-defined critical parameters required by I-Network to add/update a provider successfully
    • Lookup Provider
      • This API can be used by any external entity (authenticated with Santech) to post a “Provider Look Up” request into I-Network by sending specific search parameters required by I-Network to filter all the matching providers


Comprehensive Provider outreach capabilities to improve Payer-Provider relationship with efficient communication

I-Network has an all-encompassing Provider communication outreach module where letters and e-mail templates can be designed and applied for outreach purposes for different events.

  • Build notifications as per your parameters to remind Providers of upcoming processes
  • Generate communication like eFax, letters, and emails notifications to alert Providers
  • Track correspondences, outcomes/results, and sent documents
  • Track Provider responses and ensure they’re done timely
  • Send Provider notifications for renewing credentials - Ability to send and track communications during Provider credentialing and re-credentialing stages at various triggered events like when Providers are due, submits application, committee approvals or denials etc.
  • Track history of all communications with Provider for a quick review for Providers and Provider relationship staff
  • Allow the business user to create and configure communication templates and store them for event based triggering


View, Filter and Proactively Generate Expiry Provider Notifications to Alert Payors and Providers to Update Provider Data

  • Integrated Provider communication/notification feature to alert and send requests to Payors & Providers
  • View and send expiry Provider notifications as per expiry type such as license expiry notification, board expiry notification, CME credit expiry notification etc.


Secure web-based access for users across organization and external stakeholders by assigning pre-defined user roles with access privileges

  • View/manage/create multiple users
  • Efficiently assign the user to appropriate functional roles with set privileges/permissions (such as view only, modify, etc.)
  • Efficiently assign a specific block of business to users so that their data access can be controlled and focused on the relevant data set that matters to them


Keeps track of all Provider data changes & identify them instantly

  • View an audit trail of changes made in the system on a specific record such as who made the change, when the change was made, what change was made, and source of change/information
  • View user login/logout activities
  • Show provider data audit history showing all the deletions, who made it and when it was made


Enhanced Provider Inquiry Capabilities

  • Advanced search capabilities to look up providers using multiple parameters
    • Name
    • Specialty
    • Network
    • License
    • License state
    • practicing location state and more


Compare Provider data across multiple networks to determine the matching and distinct Providers within specific networks

  • Deciding on the right network leasing partner: if a Payer or network is considering lease an external network to expand their Provider base within a particular region, then the "Disruption" module can help them
  • Leverage multiple pre-loaded match configurations to disrupt the data across various networks created using full/partial values of different parameters
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • NPI
    • SSN
    • DOB
    • Title
    • Specialty
    • License
    • Other ID (different ID Types)
    • Tax ID
    • Address 1
    • Address 2
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Location Phone
    • Location Fax
  • Create multiple disruption files, each having different match configurations to allow users to compare the match results based on numerous different matching sequence
  • Extract the disruption output in CSV format


Stack the data of multiple networks for consumers to get more Providers with desired rates as per the network priority ranking setup by them

  • Users can choose from different pre-loaded match configurations to get a desired stacked output
  • Users can configure the stacking layout and define different formats (such as CSV, fixed-width, etc.) in which they would like the stacking output
  • Extract different kinds of file types –Stacking Full and Stacking Change
  • Flexibility in assigning network priority ranking