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Solution For Networks

Solution For Networks

Managing Proprietary & Leased Networks parallelly and selecting them based on different attributes can be challenging for Networks if not assisted by an agile Provider Network management solution. Networks must efficiently manage their network stack by quickly onboarding clients and verify the authenticity of data by checking errors in Provider data. Failure to overcome these challenges will lead to decreased Network revenue and profitability.


Incompetent Network Expansion

Inability to build and manage Proprietary and leased Networks concurrently to improve network growth

Bad Provider Data

Duplicate & non-standardized Provider data from different sources impacts the reliability and value of a Network

Poorly Managed Leased Network

Long delays in resolving contract and fee-schedule discrepancies in the leased Networks, creates administrative challenges and enrollee dissatisfaction

Inefficient Network Stack Management

Inefficient data handling and unable to extract Provider data in different formats based on business prerequisites lead to fewer client associations

Delayed Time-to-market

Unable to perform quick onboarding and management of clients, which result into longer revenue cycles and decreased profitability

Key Benefits

  • Create and stack Proprietary and leased Networks concurrently, with its own sets of attributes and business rules
  • Intelligent standardization & de-duplication of Provider data coming from different sources
  • Expedited capability to choose leased networks with an underlying framework based on access points etc.
  • Ability to resolve contract discrepancies in leased networks to improve enrollees satisfaction
  • Easy extraction of Provider data as per business requirements in multiple formats
  • Efficient Provider file handling, mapping, and file format configuration through user intuitive screens
  • Quick onboarding of new clients to generate faster revenue and maximize profitability from network stack

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