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ISELIN, N.J., Sept. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- PLEXIS Healthcare Systems, a global provider of core payer technologies for healthcare claims administration, and Santech, a leading provider of innovative solutions through the I-Network platform for agile provider network management capabilities, announced a strategic partnership to empower provider network management and claims administration for payers across the country and beyond.

"Payer organizations increasingly demand a modern solution to manage provider networks, provider recruitment, provider directories, and value-based contracts. Santech's I-Network platform is a proven solution validated by leading payer organizations and industry analysts," said Sean Garrett, Chief Operating Officer of PLEXIS. "Our partnership with Santech will empower our clients to leverage the I-Network platform for cost-saving operational efficiencies and numerous additional capabilities."

"We are thrilled to partner with PLEXIS Healthcare System. PLEXIS has deep expertise in payer administration, and the PLEXIS payer platform leads the industry in core administration and claims management. We appreciate PLEXIS' recognition of payers' increasing demand for efficient provider network management and I-Network as the solution for these needs," said Neeraj K. Sharma, COO of Santéch. "This partnership creates seamless capabilities for faster provider recruitment, credentialing, contracting, directory validations, and ease of provider content integration with the claims system for streamlined claims administration."

Santech's provider management platform has garnered endorsements and attention from a growing number of payer/provider organizations and industry analysts as a disruptive solution for managing provider data and networks. This partnership capitalizes on Santéch's innovative solutions for payers and providers while maximizing the competency of PLEXIS' core administration and claims management payer platform, facilitating seamless solutions for payer organizations.

About Santech Solutions

Santéch is founded and managed by healthcare specialists. It offers innovative web-based solutions and services that facilitate payers, practices, hospitals, providers and networks to transform their provider and network management capabilities. Built for intuitive user experience, scalability, and high performance, Santéch's enterprise solutions are designed to meet the needs of small, midsize, and large organizations. Santech is a Delaware corporation headquartered in Oxnard, CA, with offices in California and New Jersey.

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About Plexis Healthcare Systems

PLEXIS Healthcare Systems is a leading payer technology company that delivers trusted enterprise core administration and claims management solutions to healthcare payers and delivery systems around the globe. PLEXIS empowers the business of healthcare, igniting growth, innovation, and efficiencies across diverse business lines for payer organizations.

Based in Southern Oregon, PLEXIS currently serves organizations in 37 states (doing business in all 50), 15 countries, and over 60 million people worldwide. PLEXIS provides mission-critical solutions that catalyze efficiencies and connect evolving business ecosystems to a wide range of payer organizations.

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I-Enroll cloud-based credentialing platform will dramatically speed up provider onboarding time, eliminate onerous paperwork for dental providers and payers

ISELIN, N.J., Aug. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --In a move to make provider management infinitely more simplified, Coast Dental, one of the nation's largest dental providers, is taking its credentialing process completely electronic with I-Enroll, the cloud-based credentialing platform by Santéch Solutions. Coast Dental aims to reduce by at least two thirds the industry norm of 60 to 120 days it typically takes to onboard a new provider—a dramatic change that will also strengthen the company's delegated credentialing services for payers.

"With Santéch's I-Enroll solution, we will have a robust credentialing system in place to onboard providers much faster than manually, without taking any shortcuts. In turn, these providers can see patients more quickly and give them the quality dental care they need now, not two to four months down the road," stated Dr. Jack Singer D.D.S., Clinical Director, Patient Advocacy & QA.

Coast Dental evaluated a number of credentialing solutions, ultimately selecting Santéch's I-Enroll because of the depth and breadth of the solution's functionality, and Santéch's extensive familiarity with the dental provider's world.

Expansion Spurs Move to Electronic Credentialing

A rapidly expanding dental services organization, Coast Dental is present in five states and represents over 300 dental providers. The company provides services to both dental physicians and health plan carriers, helping to streamline their business and clinical operations in ways that boost patient care and the bottom line.

Now Coast Dental intends to do the same to provider data management, which historically has taken place in an incredibly complex landscape, with literally thousands of different plans with different credentialing requirements.

"Santéch has created a solution that cuts through this complicated maze and enables a refreshingly easy exchange of information between payers and dental providers. Further, now we can see all of our provider data across our enterprise, which helps us move with even more agility as we grow our organization," said Scott Kissinger, Vice President Business Operations, Coast Dental.

Indeed, growth has become the name of the game in the dental industry, with providers turning to Coast Dental to help them grow their practices and payer relationships--without growing their operational headaches. With I-Enroll, new providers can more easily accomplish what used to be a time-consuming endeavor, managing their credentials and getting enrolled/re-enrolled into payer plans.

I-Enroll enables providers and Coast Dental Staff with "once and done" data input, in which data is entered a single time, then standardized and auto-populated across different health plan applications and other documentation. I-Enroll walks providers to completion through the entire onboarding process, flagging any outstanding documentation or data input errors.

On the administrative side, staff can view dashboards to see at a glance where all providers are in the credentialing and enrollment process, and also receive alerts and reminders when existing credentials are approaching expiration.

Most importantly, I-Enroll enables a completely integrated, seamless approach to all provider credentialing activities, with core functions and documentation now all available from the same cloud-based location.

"I-Enroll enables us to overcome the longstanding challenge of complying with so many different plans. In a parallel benefit, we will finally be able to quickly access and leverage our important provider data and documents," Kissinger said.

The Santéch Difference

With a laser focus on provider data management, Santéch possesses a deep understanding of the nuances that surround how organizations process and rely on provider information. Pairing this expertise with Santéch's open architecture allows its platforms to be flexibly tailored to meet its customers' specific credentialing requirements.

In turn, Santéch's platforms consolidate, streamline and enable electronic exchange of data between payers and providers, strengthening these vital partnerships by making greater collaboration possible.

"Santéch gets both the provider and payer spaces, and has created a solution that truly bridges these two worlds into a strong partnership," Singer said.

Neeraj K. Sharma, COO of Santéch, concluded, "Coast Dental and Santéch share an exciting vision: getting rid of inefficient status quos in dental care and replacing them with streamlined workflows that unleash more productivity and better care for patients."

To speak with executives from Santéch Solutions in person, drop by Booth #206 at NADP Converge, Sept. 25—28 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, GA.

About Coast Dental

Coast Florida P.A., with its professional associations, is one of the largest providers of general and specialty dental care in the United States with more than 170 affiliated practices operating as Coast Dental, and SmileCare. Coast Dental Services, LLC is a privately-held practice management company that provides comprehensive, non-clinical business and administrative services to its affiliated practices. The company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. For more information, visit  

About Santéch

Founded and managed by healthcare specialists, Santéch offers innovative solutions to payers, practices and health systems to transform their provider and network management capabilities. Built for scalability and high performance, our enterprise-caliber solutions are designed to meet the needs of small, midsize and large organizations. Santéch is a Delaware Corporation headquartered in Oxnard, Calif. with offices in California and New Jersey. Visit us at

Iselin, NJ—October 23, 2017--Santech Solutions is releasing newapplication programming interfaces (APIs) for its suite of solutions at NAMSS’41st Educational Conference and Exhibit in Colorado Springs (Oct. 21-25,2017). Santech is applying strategic IT intelligence to modernize provider datamanagement infrastructure across all stakeholders with its in-depth knowledgeof providers & payor’s business needs. With launch of its open APIs Santechwill enable hospitals & medical practices to efficiently submit theprovider data to multiple participating payors.

“Payors & Providers need smartersolutions which can communicate with each other to exchange providerparticipation information. Since this is critical for the success of payor-providerpartnership, Santech has deployed an open infrastructure solution suite whichprovides readily usable APIs and a user interface for submission of providerdata usually sitting in multiple systems with these hospitals & practicessuch as Credentialing, Quality, EMR, HR, Practice Management Systems,Spreadsheets and Manual Notes” said Neeraj K. Sharma, Chief OperatingOfficer at Santéch Solutions.

This year’s NAMSS Conference would be enthrallingand Santech is ready to showcase the open APIs which will reinvent a synergeticway of functioning within the industry. Industry which is traditionally beingcompeting for work flow systems often ignores the value of collaboratingtogether to make it more efficient to improve healthcare ecosystem. With the help of these API’s,fragmented and distributed provider data can be pulled together from multiplesystems, submitted seamlessly to payors and on the other end transformed in ausable format for payors to use this data for credentialing, directory and Valuebased re-reimbursement (VBR) contract management purposes.

Earlier this year Santech was selectedas a ‘cool vendor’ by leading analyst firm Gartner for enabling transformationalprovider management due to its continuous innovations and modern provider datamanagement infrastructure. Sharma added, “Offering an API to allow othersolutions to leverage this comprehensive infrastructure suite was a naturalnext move to help the industry.”

APIs drive improved capabilities withinthe Industry:

  • APIs allowhospitals & practices to seamlessly submit their provider data such asProvider’s demographic, credentialing, location, specialty, work hours,accepting new patients (open close panel), quality scoring, attestations,signed applications and participation acceptance of VBR contracts to multiplepayors for credentialing, directory andValue based re-reimbursements (VBR) contract management purposes.

  • APIs willhelp in submitting this data from heterogeneous sources and Santech’scomprehensive I-Net Exchange program deploys patent pending algorithms toidentify correctness and completeness of this information, accuracy &validity of this information, identification of payor/plans specific businessrequirements and conversion of this information into payor’s most usable optimalformats.

  • APIscoupled with user interface would provide additional capabilities to hospitalsand practices to nurture their provider data based on their specific businessalignment with each payor and network.

  • These APIs& user interface would also allow hospitals & practices to receive and fulfill requests coming from payors for seeking/updating this information.Traditionally these requests get exchanged through email/faxes and phone callsmaking it cumbersome and time-consuming for medical professionals.

Santech’s intuitive APIs providean appropriate solution to the three major problems of streamlining thepayor-provider relationship. First, APIs allow hospitals & practices toseamlessly submit their provider data with Payors right from their existingsystem of record. Second, APIs reduce staff time in catering the provider directoryupdate requests from multiple Payors. Third, APIs reduce errors & mistakesof manual updates leveraging Santech’s patent pending data cleansing &indexing algorithms. Through industry accelerating features these APIs willhelp in modernizing the payor-provider relationship with more accurate providerinformation.

A well-timed offering for NAMSS attendees

Reputed system vendors,participating in NAMSS, work with multiple hospitals & practices to house theirvaluable provider data often struggle to exchange this information with Payors.We encourage all these system vendors to Beta test these APIs to enhance theirsystem capabilities for exchanging information with payors.

“Howpayers and providers exchange information is in drastic need of streamlining.While many of us are focused on filling that need, Santéch believes that if wework together, we can truly turn the provider-payer relationship around. Wewelcome technology partners and system vendors to work collaboratively to extendtheir system capabilities by using these APIs.” said Sharma.

Neeraj Sharma, Santech’s COO andBert Fajardo, Santech’s VP of Strategy, are available at NAMSS to discuss about"Simplified and Intuitive Provider Management Platform for Credentialingand Compliance Needs" at Booth No. 108.

About Santéch

Founded and managed by healthcare specialists, Santéch offersinnovative solutions to payers, practices and health systems to transform theirprovider and network management capabilities. Built for scalability and highperformance, our enterprise-caliber solutions are designed to meet the needs ofsmall, midsize and large organizations. Santech is recognized as a 2017 Gartner“Cool Vendor” in Health-Value Managementfor U.S. Healthcare Payers. The company is headquartered in Iselin, New Jersey. Visit us at www.mySanté

Santéch has been positioned as a Major Player in IDC MarketScape*: U.S. Provider Data Management 2018 Vendor Assessment (doc #US44514018, December 2018). The IDC MarketScape provides a clear framework in which the product and service offerings, capabilities and strategies, and current and future market success factors of vendors can be meaningfully compared.

Santéch's platforms (I-Network, I-Enroll and I-Net Xchange) are disrupting the Provider Data Management space for payers and providers by enabling organizations to build the modern infrastructures needed to support today's payer-provider partnerships.

Payers leverage the I-Network Enterprise Platform as a single version of truth to seamlessly manage all aspects of their provider network, from Network strategy to operations including onboarding, credentialing, contracting, and updating provider directories.

Provider Groups and Hospitals rely on I-Enroll as Enterprise system of record to manage their providers' credentials, documents and Payor participations.

I-Network's plug-in; Productivity Suite automates outreach to providers for network recruitment, re-credentialing and directory attestation. By leveraging, Provider identification and routing algorithms residing at I-Net Xchange, it establishes a unique identity and relationship of provider and seamlessly relays data between our platforms - I-Network and I-Enroll.

"Santéch is laser-focused on provider management and getting recognized as a prominent Platform for Payors and Providers. We will continue to innovate and transform this space to reduce cost and friction in Provider Management and network growth," said Neeraj K. Sharma, Chief Operating officer for Santéch. "We appreciate the IDC MarketScape for its diligent efforts and look forward to collaborate with other industry players to allow seamless Payor and Providers alignment."

*About IDC MarketScape:

IDC MarketScape vendor analysis model is designed to provide an overview of the competitive fitness of ICT (information and communications technology) suppliers in a given market. The research methodology utilizes a rigorous scoring methodology based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria that results in a single graphical illustration of each vendor's position within a given market. IDC MarketScape provides a clear framework in which the product and service offerings, capabilities and strategies, and current and future market success factors of IT and telecommunications vendors can be meaningfully compared. The framework also provides technology buyers with a 360-degree assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and prospective vendors.

About Santéch

Founded and managed by healthcare specialists, Santéch offers innovative solutions to payers, practices and health systems to transform their provider and network management capabilities. Built for scalability and high performance, our enterprise-caliber solutions are designed to meet the needs of small, midsize and large organizations. Santéch is a Delaware Corporation headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey. Visit us at www.mySanté

Santech Solutions Inc., a leader in the delivery of completely web based provider data management solutions is proud to again participate and exhibit at the 2017 AADGP’s Dental Group Expo which is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada from February 1st through 4th.

Santech will be exhibiting at Booth TT-2 and we invite you to stop by to learn how I-Enroll, its enterprise caliber solution, is enabling group practices to transform their provider data management and payors enrollment capabilities.

Learn how I-Enrolls intuitive, flexible and user friendly design allows Santech customers to automate and streamline costly and time consuming tasks that must be performed to credential/re-credential providers and keep their files current.

Dental practice owners, managers, administrators and Providers are welcomed to visit Santech’s booth to see a live demonstration of how I-Enroll is easing the burdens of provider data management. You can schedule your demo by clicking on the link.

Converge, The National Association dental Plan (NADP) annual conference, this year will take place at Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Atlanta on September 25th to 28th Georgia, to bring together dental leader to network, share, learn and grow alongside with their peers. This conference will cover area on multiple tracks like business development, government's relations and professional's relations that leads to professional development opportunity in the dental benefits industry.

Santech will be exhibiting at Booth No. #208 and we invite you to join us and learn more on how I-Network - enterprise caliber platform, is empowering Dental payors and Network to Re-inventing Network Management & Provider Relations

To learn more about "The Agile Provider Network" Download our Whitepaper.