Transform Provider Network Management

"An Enterprise Platform for Payers and Networks"

I-Network Business Values

Grow networks faster with expedited Provider on-boarding

Build "single version of truth" with clean Provider data

Improve accuracy for claims and directories

Real-time analytics on network monitoring and performance

Manage proprietary, leased, and delegated networks efficiently

Comply with CMS directory requirements with greater ease

I-Network Features

Provider Recruitment

Roster Imports

Provider Credentialing

Provider Contracts

Network Tiering

Feeds Claims/Directories

Network Monitoring

Geo Mapping

Agile Provider Network Management for Provider Participation, Network Expansion and Continued Network Monitoring

I-Network is an enterprise-level comprehensive Provider network management solution. It enables Payers to focus on creating and growing networks in record time by allowing Providers to signup online, import Provider & network rosters and expedite credentialing & network assignment.

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