Increase the scalability for your network operation and enhance its ability to build leased networks that support Payor specific requirements in record time. Enable providers to sign up online, bulk import provider and network data and enforce data quality with automated data scrubbing and cleansing. Leverage I-Network to allow your operation to zero in on and focus its efforts on where attention is needed by reducing manual touch points and lowering the time it takes to process providers and comply with CMS guidelines.

I-Network's enterprise-caliber features allows you to

  • Cleanse,standardize and enforce provider and network data quality.

  • Provide secure role based access for staff and departments to manage and view Provider information.

  • Build,manage and stack provider networks and sub-networks ( proprietary and lease).

  • Perform an in-depth review of existing networks and assists in creation of new networks.

  • Enable multi-tiered pricing structures and aligned contracts ,fees schedules and data with greater ease.

  • Automate tracking,monitoring and notifications of licenses, certifications, boards, insurances, appointments, and reappointments.

  • Build data validations that ensure every Provider file is automatically reviewed against organization specific business rules.

  • Engage providers via a secure web portal to obtain Provider information,documents and send / receive forms for signature.

  • Gain actionable insights and real-time visibility into service levels,credentialing timelines,expirables and compliance

  • Custom reports.

  • Executive dashboard.

  • Auto-connect with the national practitioner data bank query service, automatic primary source verification system and managed data verification process for education, board certification, DEA, sanctions etc.

  • conduct committee reviews online, allow committe to review Provider files, credentialing checklists, documents and staff remarks.

  • Host I-Network behind your firewall or with one of santech's HIPAA compliant data center partners.

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