Simplify Provider On-Boarding

It’s a breeze to on-board a provider on I-Network’s intuitive web-based platform which even allows providers electronically submit their information and documents.

  • Allow recruiters to initiate and expedite the onboarding process

  • Allow providers to enter their information online, upload documents, attest and e-sign their application online, anytime and from anywhere.

Streamline your credentialing process

I-Network delivers enterprise caliber credentialing capabilities. Easily establish workflows that control and direct who can submit provider information, perform primary source verifications, and submit provider files for online committee review. I-Network even automates the creation and maintenance of credentialing checklists to make it easy for committee members to differentiate between and comment on ‘clean’ and ‘not clean’ provider files.

  • Streamline and integrate credentialing activities from recruitment to credentialing, through Payor enrollment (managed care credentialing)

  • Build a validation framework that ensures every provider file gets reviewed automatically against defined organization specific business rules.

  • Auto-connect and validate in real time against NPDB, state license boards and a host of other sources used to perform primary source verifications (education, board certifications, DEA, Sanctions etc.)

  • Conduct committee reviews online where you can allow committee members to review complete provider files, credentialing checklists, documents and staffs’ remarks.

Faster committee reviews

Conduct committee reviews online with the industry’s most intuitive credentialing committee portal. Eliminate paper and hassle for committee members. Allow members to easily and intuitively review provider files, credentialing checklists, documents and staffs’ remarks.

  • Make it easy for committee members to differentiate between and comment on ‘clean’ and ‘not clean’ provider files.

  • Automatically generate acceptance and rejection letters.

Pro-actively monitor and track expirables

  • Monitor, track and generate alerts on licenses, board certifications, insurance, for initial appointements and reappointment's.

  • Monitor, track and generate alerts on re-enrollments that are coming due.

  • Proactively track against a configurable frequency (120, 90, 60, 30 days out + expired)

E-Sign is the new trend

I-Network's e-signature capabilities are recognized as best in class by the industry’s leading providers of e-signature services. I-Network allows credentialing staff to seamlessly send files to providers for their review and E-Signature that is accompanied by a digital signature certificate.

  • Collaborate with providers through a secure web portal to receive provider information, exchange documents and send / receive forms for signature.

  • Give access to Providers to complete, e-sign and attest provider forms online at any time, from anywhere.

No More Cabinets to Store Documents

Streamlining document management activities and save time by leveraging I-Network’s centralized electronic document repository. Upload all provider documents and licenses once into I-Network and maintain them centrally and securely.

  • Allow recruiters to upload recruitment documents to jumpstart the onboarding process.

  • Allow Providers to complete applications, upload source documents, sign online at any time, from anywhere.

  • Upload and access provider documents and licenses (current or historical) anytime and from anywhere.

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