Visit Santech in Las Vegas at AHIP Institute & Expo 2016

AHIP Institute & Expo 2016 is going held in Las Vegas on June 15-17, where thousands of healthcare professional showcase strategic solution to tackle challenges, uncover opportunities and work together to reinvent healthcare.

This event featured dozens of sessions held by professionals in the industry, many of them are leading the way with disruptive innovations, health and wellness programs and data, consumer experience insights, and analytic business solutions. A few common and familiar themes were discussed within multiple sessions and highlighted below.

• What are the biggest disruptors to our health care system, where are they coming from, how can they affect your future business strategies?

• What’s the secret to winning the hearts and minds of consumers to earn their trust and establish a long-term relationship?

• How can you most efficiently direct population health and address the needs of those with chronic conditions or poorer health?

• How can you use big data to make better business decisions, streamline operational and assessment processes, improve clinical care outcomes and enhance the consumer experience?

• What best practices and evidence-based programs are creating a culture of wellness and prevention, and delivering results?

• How can AHIP improve clinical care, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs through improved digital infrastructures and technology?

Participants will get the opportunity to meet with Santech's Leaders "Neeraj K. Sharma" and "Bert Fajardo" to address their common challenges and discuss the realm of the possible.

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