Santech To Present ‘The Agile Provider Network’ at AHIP

Let's meet in Austin TX at the AHIP Institute & Expo 2017 where thousands of health care professional will come together from June 7-9 to share innovative ideas to make health care better, affordable and sustainable.

It’s also where Santech will be holding a session on "The Agile Provider Network" which will highlight how organizations can meet the challenges associated with relying on outdated and fragmented solutions to create and manage their networks.

The session will shed light on why today more than ever a more modern network infrastructure is needed to deliver and maintain the kind of care networks that providers and consumers want to be in. It will also cover approaches on how to replace a fragmented network management infrastructures with a modern one that is based on Santech’s four key tenants that enable:

• Housing a seamless collection of core business functions that work well together

• Provide visibility into networks and network-related data

• Is provider-inclusive and

• Integrates network management with other data and systems inside and outside the payer’s enterprise

We invite you to participate in this informative and interactive session and to visit Santech at Booth 307 Attendees to meet and speak with two of Santech’s thought leaders, Neeraj K. Sharma (Santech’s CEO) and Bert Fajardo (Santech’s VP of Strategy).

To learn more about "The Agile Provider Network" Download our Whitepaper.